Reception by our staff at the Port of Algeciras. Fast Ferry (45 minutes approximately). Ceuta is a Spanish city in North Africa, one of the mythical pillars of Hercules in the Strait of Gibraltar, and where four cultures coexist in harmony: Christians, Muslims, Hebrews and Hindus. The city is arranged on a small peninsula, and has a wonderful climate and a marked commercial character.Once arrived, Transfer by coach or minibus to the historic center of the city, where the main shopping area is located, which is delimited between the Constitutional Square and the Azcárate Square ,along the Paseo del Revellín. Very close. In the Avenue of the Marina, there is the Maritime Park of the Mediterranean,” Posthumous work “ of César Manrique (open only in season).

In the afternoon, the meeting point indicated by our staff, presentation at the Port of Ceuta to make the return journey by Fast Ferry to Algeciras.

Passages in fast Ferry: Algeciras / Ceuta round trip, and assistance from our staff.

Transfer on arrival from the Port of Ceuta to the center of the city by bus or minibus

(return to the port on behalf of the client).


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